It's all about people...

People, family, finance - The necessary ingredients for every family business. We will help you mix them into a cocktail of success and harmony.



Your people are the key to everything.


Your family business in balance.


Money is not a break. Money is a fuel.


The owner of a manufacturing company wanted to retire from operational management and to work on new visions and strategies. We found a new Executive Director who was able to take great care of the company's everyday operation. Today, our client has the time to develop the company in the long term and also to spend more time with his family.

Two siblings founded and managed a company together, but their opinions gradually started to diverge. They were tired, nearing their retirement age, and their disputes had a negative impact on the functioning of the whole company. We helped them analyze their situation and find a working long-term solution. We advised them to pass the company to a successor whom we selected together.

At the age of 65, the owner of a successful company wanted to retire, but his children were not interested in the company. We suggested various alternatives to him, including the hiring of a professional manager and having the children assume passive control over the company. Eventually, selling the company proved to be the best choice, and we represented the owner in all stages of the sale process. The company was sold under very favourable conditions, so the owner had the opportunity to reap the financial rewards of the twenty years of his hard work.

Experience means success


management positions filled

1 000+

consulting days provided


companies successfully sold or acquired

"Family businesses are our passion. We are interested in everything that has to do with them. We keep learning continuously, we attend international conferences and we organize our own educational events. We want to be a resource of knowledge and inspirations for your business."

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